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dimanche 22 novembre 2009



À l'approche de décembre, une explosion de l'activité peut être constatée dans la région de Laponie. Sous le commandement du bon vieux Père Noël et avec l'aide des fidèles elfes et rennes, CAL OF ROR Records est très très heureux d'être capable de vous presenter notre catalogue de disques en saison hivernale.

Avec plus de 130 nouveaux enregistrements en stock, il n'y aura pas de pénurie dans le choix de quoi mettre dans le jukebox...

(English version)

As december approaches, a burst in activity can be witnessed from the Laponian region. Under the command of good ol' Santa and with the help of the ever loyal elves and reindeer, CAL OF ROR Records is merry to be able to present our winter season catalogue.

With over 130 new records in stock, there'll be no shortage in choice what to put on the jukebox, when the relatives are done sipping on their eggnog and listening to their Xmas carols...

A storm of light - And we wept...
Aborted - Goremageddon
Accused - the curse of marthe...
Acephale - Malfesance
Atlas Moth - A glorified piece of blue sky
Behemoth - the apostasy ltd edition
Begraven - till makabert vasen
Big Buisness - mind the drift
Black Cobra - Chronomega
Burzum - Burzum/aske
Burzum - hvis lyset tar oss
Coalesce - 012:12
Converge - Jane doe
Craw - Bodies for strontium
Crowbar - sonic excess.../odd fellows..2CD
Dalek - Gutter tactics
Dark funeral - Attera totus ltd. Ed
Darkthrone - dark thrones & black flags
Electric Wizard - Witchcult today
Electric Wizard - come my fanatics
Electric Wizard - dopethrone (digi)
Endstille - Verfürer
Enslaved - Vertebrae
Fenriz/Nattefrost - Engangsgrill
Glorior Belli - Manifesting the raging beast
Glorior Belli - Meet us at the southern sign
Gojira - the way of all flesh
Gojira - from mars to sirius
Gojira - Terra Incognita
Harvestman - in the dark tongue
Helms allee - night terror
Horde of Hel - Blodskam
Isis - Oceanic
Isis - Sgnl 05
Isis - Panopticon
Keelhaul - triumphant return to obskurity
Kruger - redemption through...
Lurkers of chalice - s/t
Mayhem - tribute reissue
Melvins - houdini live
Melvins - nude with boots
Moss - tomb of the blinf drugged
Monkey3 - Undercover
Nachtmystium - doomsday derelicts
Necrophobic - death to all
Neurosis - enemy of the sun
Neurosis - given to the rising
Neurosis - souls at zero
Neurosis - through silver and blood
Om - God is good
Opeth - still life reissue 2CD
Opeth - the candlelight years 3CD
Opeth - roundhouse tapes 2CD
Pelican - australasia
Pelican - What we all come to need
Pentemple - O presents
Porcupine tree - coma divine
Porcupine tree - lightbulb sun 2CD
Porcupine tree - metanoia
Porcupine tree - nil recurring
Porcupine tree - on the sunday of life
Porcupine tree - signify
Porcupine tree - stupid dream 2CD
Porcupine tree - up the downstrair 2CD
Porcupine tree - voyage 34
Red sparows/Moob/Battle of mice - triad
Russian Circle - Geneva
Saint Vitus - live
Sax ruins - yawiquo
Shining - VI Klagopsalmer
Sludge - yellow acid rain
ShrineBuilder - S/t
Skeletonwitch - Breathing the fire
Sunno)) - monoliths and dimensions
Sylvester anfang - II
Textures - silhouettes
Wino - ponctuated equilibrium
Wolves in the throne room - Black Cascade
Xasthur - all reflections drained
Yverdoom - Pestalozzi platz massacre
Zao - the fear is....
Zozobra- Bird of prey

Will Haven - Carpe Diem
Will Haven - El Diablo
Antigama - Resonance
Agoraphobilc nosebleed - Bestial Machinery
Agoraphobilc nosebleed/ Appartement 213 - Domestic Power Violence
Alabama Thunderpussy - Fulton Hill
Alabama Thunderpussy - River City Revival
Bongzilla - Amerjuanican
Bongzilla - Stash & Methods
Alchemist - Thempsis
Alchemist - Embryonics 90 - 98
Amorphis - Elegy
Birds of Prey - Weight of the wound
Cephalic Carnage - Conforming to abnormality
Cephalic Carnage - Xenosapien
Car bomb - Centralia
Coldworker - Rotting Paradise
The County Medical Examiners - Odious Operation
The End - Elementary
Incarnation - Onward to Golgotha
Flesh Paradise - Kill Whitey
Exumed - Anatomy is Destiny
Enemy Soil - Casualties of progress
Regurgitate - Sikening Bliss
Face down in Shit - Nothing Positive only Negative
Nile - Legacy of the Catacombs
Unearthly Trance - the Trident
Unearthly Trance - Electrocution
Zeke - Flat Tracker
Nasum - Doombringer
Jucifer - L'Autrichienne
Man must die - Human Condition
Today is the Day - Temple of the morning star
Leng'tche - Marasmus
Leng'tche - Process of Elimination
Massapeal - Nobody Likes a Thinker
Morgion - the Relapse Collection
Steve Moore - the Henge

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