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lundi 17 mai 2010


Les signes de renaissances et de nouvelles croissances qui nous entoure sont plus qu'imminent en ce mois de mai. De la micro-flore qui se montre par la plus petite des fissures dans le trottoir au déploiement impitoyable de la nature des volcans islandais.
La vitalité du printemps est évidente aujourd'hui, comme nous à CALOFROR Records nous préparons à faire des ravages dans les mois à venir avec les nouveaux ajouts à notre catalogue.

(English version)

Signs of rebirth, re-growth and simple beginnings are more than imminent around us in this month of May. From the micro flora stubbornly showing itself from the tiniest of cracks in the pavement to the merciless display of nature from the Icelandic volcanoes - spring's vitality is thick in the air, as we at CALOFROR Records prepare to wreak havoc in the upcoming months with new additions to our catalogue.

Napalm Death - Leaders not followers
Nortt - Galgenfist
Om - God is good
Blut aus Nord - the work which transformed god
Orthodox - Gran Poder
Wolves in the throne Room - Black Cascade
Monarch - 666
Zozobra - Harmonic tremor
Kongh - Counting heartbeats
Jesu - Heartache
High on Fire - Surrounded by thieves
Nasum - Doombringer
Kylesa - Static Tensions
Nasum - Human 2.0
Napalm Death - From enslavement...
Meridian - Seventh sun
Electro zombies - Hevisto
The Dillinger escape plan - Calculating infinity
The Dillinger escape plan - Under the running board
The Hidden Hand - The Resurrection of Whiskey toote
Nine Inch Nails - the Slip
Nasum - Helvete
Om - Pilgrimage
Earthride - Taming of the demons
Zozobra - Bird of prey
Fuck the Facts - Stigmata high five
Ulver - 1993-2003 1rst decade
Macadam Pale Horses - S/t
Cult of Luna - The Beyond
Cult of Luna - S/t
Wolves in the throne room - Two hunters
Godflesh - Hyms
Pentagram - Sub-Basement
Moho - He visto la cruz a reves
Zeni Geva - Alive and Rising
Baroness - Red Album
Black Cobra - Bestial (japanese edition) RESTOCK!!!

Saviours - Into Abaddon (japanese edition)
Impure wilhelmina - l'amour, la mort, l'enfance perdue
Overmars - Affliction, endoctrine...vertigo
Unsane - Occupation hazzard (picture disc)
Dark 80'compilation 10"
Daturah - s/t 2x12"
Celeste - Misanthrope(s) 2x12"
Kodiak - s/t 12"
Kom - Ink 10"
Scraps of tape - Grand leftdown 12"
Grey daturas - Return to disruption
Boris - Smile
Dissection - Reinkaos
Watain - Sworn to the dark

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